Hong Kong – Winning at racing

Hong Kong – Winning at racing

Lucky 8 Racing is here to provide you with the best possible chance of success on the world’s biggest racing stage – Hong Kong.

There is no magic formula that brings results, it comes down to hours and hours of sheer hard work to ensure that punters get the best outcomes. My methods of analysis are not much different to most other professionals although I have customised aspects of my assessments to suit the specific racing environment in Hong Kong.

Over many, many years of involvement in racing analysis and investment I have learnt that DISCIPLINE is your number one ally. Discipline is the key principle to success and without it, you cannot win. Punters who think they can win by betting on every race on the program, take any price a winner without considering value, or bet with no staking plan, simply cannot win. They do not have enough discipline to take a rational approach to winning. Without discipline your money will go and you will go too. No one without discipline can beat anything.

Lucky 8 Racing distinguishes between the right races to invest on and the wrong ones, the good value bets and the bad ones and provides guidance on the correct staking plans to maximise your dividends. The discipline to avoid the wrong races and bad value bets gives astute punters an enormous advantage in the quest for success.

Racing analysis is a time consuming business, most punters are far too busy to devote the hours necessary to conduct detailed assessments. On average, races in Hong Kong take me between 2 to 3 hours to thoroughly assess including watching countless race replays to enhance future forecasts. However, the analysis is worth the effort. It is the substance that ultimately provides punters with the means to win. The outcomes of this analysis are then converted into value prices and supported by realistic staking plans.

My tipping service will give you the discipline by providing you with information on the right races to invest on, the selections and value prices you should seek to maximise your success and the staking plans to ensure your investments and returns produce the highest yields.

Generally I have found that around half the races on the average Hong Kong race program are viable betting propositions, sometimes more. In effect Lucky 8 Racing will save you from investing on the wrong races and give you the advantage of potentially investing more substantially on the right races to increase your enjoyment and success with Hong Kong horse racing.

Discipline, Analysis, Value – these are the main principles of success that Lucky 8 Racing offers you.


(Featured image has been reproduced with the kind permission of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.)

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